Step out of the box

Cheese… I live in Wisconsin so I have to love cheese they tell me! With a lactose allergy that is bittersweet. I do love cheese, but however I am only able to eat it a couple times a month.

While I love cheese, and generally stick to the normal colby jack or mozzerella like most folks, I do love to try new things!

Every grocery store has a section of cheeses that are different, out of the box type. Most of you probably don’t think your store has that, because most people don’t look there. I promise you it does. Check out the cheese section next time you’re in the store. Pick out one that sounds good, and google it. There are so many ways to use these good cheeses, that most people are missing out!

Butterkase is a cheese that most could recognize similar to Velveeta. It is a rich cheese, melts good, and taste heavenly paired with the right things. I found this cheese to make an exceptional grilled cheese. It has a rich butter taste to it, use it for homemade mac n cheese! You can even use this cheese for desserts, because of its buttery flavor it taste great in some pastries.

How often do you check out the “out of the box” items in your grocery store? Do you know where the specialty cheese section is?


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