Cooking with Rachel & Laura

Early Saturday morning for most children meant cartoons and cereal. I was never a “normal” child so my mornings went much different. Most weekends I would climb out of bed still dressed from the day before, how I slept in jeans I don’t know, but I was one who woke around 9am. I didn’t have a t.v. in my room so I watched t.v. from the living room In a big squishy recliner chair. You know the type that you sink into and never want to get up. With a folding tray in front of me, I generally chose to eat some toast with cinnamon and sugar like grandma always made for me.

T.V. has never really interested me, however, as a kid television was a bit of my day; every day. As a kid my morning choices weren’t Ren & Stimpy, or Hey Arnold like the rest of my peers were watching. Instead I was watching Cooking with Emeril. I learned how to cook from watching him and it is one of my passions in my life now 20 years later. When thinking about some of my earlier cooking experiences there are certainly some laughs.

About 11 years old visiting a friend’s house with no parental supervision (her mother was working in the bar below the apartment), we thought it would be a great idea to bake a cake. We had cook books, ingredients, and an oven; what could go wrong? I remember reading the cookbook and seeing ingredients but wondering what were they? We had this huge pan that was made for soup stock, and we tossed our ingredients one by one in the pan. Flour, what’s that we asked? As we looked at each other and shook our heads as neither of us knew, we grabbed some spice from the cabinet and tossed a shake or two in. I recall dumping the entire box of baking soda in the pan, what in the world were we thinking? I laugh about it now, it is quite funny. We were having so much fun just tossing things and jabbering about the excitement we were going to have as soon as the cake was done. How awesome is it that were baking a cake?!

The cake batter looked way too dry as we were getting ready to load it in the oven, so we tossed some water in it before baking. Thankfully, as we may have burnt that apartment down had we not! We set the oven on, put the pot in the oven and went back to our room to play video games. A few times we checked the cake to see how it was doing and it wasn’t turning into cake! We thought it just needed to bake longer.

A short while later my friend’s mother came rushing up the stairs in a panic that something had happened and the house was burning. With frantic expression and asking what was going on as she rushed in our room we just gleamed with smiles and said “were baking a cake!”. She pulled the pan out and showed us that we did not bake a cake, and instead had stunk up the entire upstairs and downstairs with our concoction. Darn, our prides were shut down so fast! We were really excited for cake, and we didn’t succeed.

As a mother now I laugh about stories like that because I think how I would feel if my kids did the same. I am sure that mother got a good laugh out of our cooking venture, and I hope that she taught her daughter how to bake a better cake that that! I still follow Emeril’s recipes which you can find on his website I have never had a bad recipe from him, and his recipes are easy to follow! Got any fun cooking stories to share, comment below!


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