Coolest lunch box!

With two kids in school, the cost of hot lunch can add up really fast! I also am not keen on the quality of food their lunches usually contain as well. Cost is more important to me, but I also like to see that my kids are eating healthy options.

A friend of mine has been using “Planetbox” lunch boxes for her kids for a couple years. I have always envied them and hoped to buy one for my kids. They are expensive, costing about $100 for the start, but she assured me worth every penny. This year I bought one for my oldest child, who is a 2nd grader. It provides both healthy lunches and its fun too. Adults can use them as well.

Here’s a few snapshots of lunches we chose this school year:

There are a lot of options to do with the lunchbox! After the first full year of using it, I can tell you that it looks as it did the first day we used it. It really holds up well!

Next year my youngest goes to Kindergarten and I will be investing in one for her as well. It is an investment, but it pays for itself! Before I got a new lunchbox every year, which averages about $15. Then I would use plastic bags all year, amounting to about 5 bags=$15. Times that by 5 years (the planetbox comes with a 5yr warranty), that equals $150. When the cost of the lunchbox is $60, you’re saving a ton, and you’re saving the environment by not using those plastic bags!

I know the initial investment is scary, but you should do it! Check it out at:

We have the rover** I do suggest getting the bag, its very convenient!

Do I have any other Planetbox users here?


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